“Corona Start-Up…” New Challenge 2020…

New challenge that require New Attitude – Customer Service.

Skaltek has been able to Continue Operations almost like Normal.
We are all Healthy and Motivated to do our best.
We have been able to deliver according to Plan without Delays.

We are thankful for Loyal Sub-Contractors and Partners for Excellent Co-Operation.

Force Majeure – New Challenge
We have some customers that have recieved our products where we cannot be Present with Know How to Start-Up.
“Corona Customer Start-Up” is a new Project we have started to create even Easier Installation and possibility for the customer to do the Start-Up wirthout Skaltek Technicians presence. We focus on Simplicity and better Know How Documentation.

We expect to have Practical Experience from the first Pilot Projects during 2020

Future Value
We see these Difficulties with Corona as an Opportunity to Work Smarter, Create Better Products, have Better Customer Cooperation.

More Simplicity…. New Know How…

Öystein Skalleberg
– Founder of Skaltek

To Discover Hidden Talents….. Timeless Innovations….. Make what’s Self-evident….. Evident

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