Wire 2020 – Force Majeure – Think Different

2020 has been a New and Different Experience for Human Kind Globally.

We all know that the Future is a Wide Open Chance. We Still make Plans and Budgets based on Previous Experience.

Skaltek has been present at Every Wire show since 1974. We were Commited and Very Well prepared for Wire 2020.
It was almost Self Evident and a Routine to Do It Again!

We made Plans, Executed according to Plan and invested Time, Effort and Money.

Suddenly, Unexpected, the Corona Virus Came and Changed the whole World.

We made New Plans for December. Invested more Time and Effort.
The New Plan was to focus on People First, To face Fellow Man and work with Classical music from a Steinway Grand Piano.

To Slow Down and Discover what is Timeless:

“How to Face the Future with Confidence…”

We were ready to go to Düsseldorf because we were trapped in the traditional Thought:

“The Show Must Go On”

2020 is a Milestone in Skalteks Learning Process. “To Think Different”

We all know we have to make a Difference.

We are Thankful for Time, Opportunities and a Global Network of Customers in 63 Countries.
Skaltek team Globally are Healthy and Motivated to find New Ways to Communicate, Cooperate and Serve in a Smarter and Better way.
With more Quality and Security.

Our Ambition is to be a Trustworthy partner.

When it comes to something of such decisive importance as our Future we ought to aquire Reliable Guidelines for our thinking. Timeless Truths we can return to when we check our Thoughts and Ideas Before Action.

We must learn to make what is Difficult Simple and what is Crooked Straight.
We must Clearly see our Individual Responsibility for our personal and our Common Future.

Please contact us and let us know
What We Can Do for You?
What we can Do Together?

Öystein Skalleberg
– Founder of Skaltek

To Discover Hidden Talents….. Timeless Innovations….. Make what’s Self-evident….. Evident

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