Wire December 7-11 2020

To be… or Not to be at Wire 2020 December 7-11… is the Question ?

Skaltek was Focused and very Prepared to meet Customers from 63 Countries, March 30 to April 3.
The Corona Pandemic came Unexpected and Changed the Whole World.

We were informed that the New Timeplan was changed to December 7-11, just before Christmas Holidays, which was a very Negative Message for Skaltek and our Customers.

Today it is only two months ahead and our Customers and Collegues are Questioning if it is Meaningful to Invest Time and Money in Wire 2020.

The Question is will the Wire Show be Cancelled?

Skalteks first Wire Show was in Switzerland 1974 and we have always been a Loyal Participator and Continously build Human Relationship and Partnership.

Welcome to Skaltek Wire 2020.

Yes, We have decided to be at Wire 2020.
We will reduce our stand to 50% and Focus on “People First”.
We will be Well Prepared to present Skaltek Today, New Development, Products Etc.

We will Display a Steinway Grand Piano and play Classical Music 10 minutes Every Hour.

Please, Welcome to Skaltek to enjoy Qualities with Futura Value.

Skaltek has had a very Good Year 2020 and we look forward to:

Face the Future with Confidence and Joy…

Öystein Skalleberg
– Founder of Skaltek

To Discover Hidden Talents….. Timeless Innovations….. Make what’s Self-evident….. Evident

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