Felipe Lara – Skaltek Brazil
Hands On Know How Ambassador Brazil – Latin America

With Substantial Experience from working with Industrial Automation in the Cable Industry in Brazil, I got the Opportunity to Work with Skaltek Solutions for Packaging etc. daily.
That made me Curious about Skalteks Unique Products and Vision driven by Special Basic Values.

I had the Opportunity to visit the Interwire Show in Atlanta 2010.
Ralph Skalleberg invited the Customers and Me to Skaltek America Facilities in Norcross, Atlanta. During our Conversation Ralph informed about Skalteks need for a Field Technician in Brazil to Support the Growing Market.

With this in mind, I travelled back to Brazil and shared this Opportunity with some friends. To my surprise, none of my contacts were interested since Skaltek was not yet established in Brazil.

After some time I had the Opportunity to meet Ralph again in Brazil. I told him that I had not found anyone but I had an alternative Solution.

We had a short meeting in a restaurant in Campinas and I expressed my Own Feelings for Skaltek. I saw the Opportunity and that this was a Chance for Me. I committed myself and Offered my Services. – Yes, I Will!

My Journey with Skaltek started 2011. Working from home, I dedicated one room to be my Office with some Spare parts to Serve Our Customers.

The First Step was to start up two Mini Pac 240 Pure together with two experienced Team Members from Skaltek America, Wilfrid Garrido (in memorian, an unforgettable friend that passed away…) and Mike Penaranda. We had a Fruitful Nice Cooperation and I collected a lot of Know How from Wilfrid and Mike.

Shortly after they travelled back to the US, a customer received a Mini Pac 240 Pure from Skaltek Sweden. The customer asked for an Urgent Start Up.

With Limited Know How, I had to Step Up and Face this Challenge, Alone.

The Start Up went very Smooth and everything was working Perfectly!

The Customer was very Pleased and Happy with the Performance.

My First Start Up Experience Alone Created a lot of Confidence for Me in Skaltek Quality-Security.

Skalteks Mission in Brazil was Very Successful. 2013 the Founder and Technical Commercial Coordinator of Skaltek, Öystein Skalleberg, and President of Skaltek America, Ralph Skalleberg, made the decision to take the Next Step and Establish Skaltek Brazil with an Office and a Show Room in Campinas SP.

Later, in 2014, Mateus Lara, my brother, also joined Skaltek. Skaltek Brazil has made progress in Close Cooperation with Skaltek Sweden and Skaltek America. Together we are Strong.
Step by Step we have expanded our Service to neighboring countries such as Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Argentina.

Learning by doing through these years, I have collected substantial Know How in Coil Packing lines and Reel applications. Skaltek has offered several Opportunities, especially when participating in trade shows, Wire in Düsseldorf, Germany and Interwire in Atlanta, USA.

I have also had the Opportunity to work Close with the Team at the Mother Company in Sweden, to participate in Technical Development, Assembly – To see where the products come from, and where Skaltek Comes From.

I am Thankful for the Opportunity to be a part of Skaltek Global Cooperation and Customer Network in 65 Countries.

My goal is to be a Trustworthy Ambassador Representing Skaltek Basic Values – focused on People First. In my Service – To build Relationship with Futura Value.

“To be a Genuine Partner – Strive for Quality-Security – Together – ALL Included”

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